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Doc Brown's Chemistry: Chemical Bonding and structure GCSE level, IGCSE, O, IB, AS, A level US grade 9-12 AQA Edexcel OCR advanced level chemistry revision study notes

The basic stuff for all levels of pre-university students

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All my GCSE Chemistry Revision notes

Advanced UK A/AS level, IB and US grade 11-12 pre-university chemistry

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(c) doc bINDEX of main sections on chemical bonding

Part 0 Why is knowledge of chemical bonding & structure so important?

Part 1 Introduction to chemical bonding - why? how? and patterns

Part 2 Ionic Bonding: compounds and properties

(c) doc bPart 3 Covalent Bonding: small molecules & properties

Part 4 Giant covalent structures and other big molecules

Part 5 Metallic Bonding – structure and properties of metals

Also see the materials science pages

Smart Materials Science (alphabetical index at top of page)

Nanoscience – Nanochemistry (index of pages and keyword index) (overlaps with above)

Extra chemical bonding notes for Advanced Level Chemistry Students ONLY

Part 6. for UK A/AS, IB, US grade 11-12 chemistry courses etc.

6.1 Electronegativity, bond polarity, type of chemical bonding

6.2 More on ionic structures and ionic bonding

(Working out electron configurations for atoms and ions)

6.3 More on covalent bonding - single, double & triple bond length & strength, dative bonds

6.4 Types of Crystal Structure and their relative physical properties

Shapes of molecules

Introduction - VSEPR theory - lots of inorganic molecule/ion examples

Some other molecules/ions of carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and chlorine

shapes and bond angles of organic molecules

Intermolecular forces - intermolecular bonding

Introduction to intermolecular forces - intermolecular bonding

Detailed comparative discussion of boiling points of 8 organic molecules

Boiling point plots for six organic homologous series, explaining trends and differences

Case studies of boiling points related to intermolecular forces for a variety of compounds

Evidence & theory for hydrogen bonding in a variety of covalent hydrides

Other associated Pages


New bonds formed! Poetry in motion!

Lots of energy released when metals like magnesium bond with oxygen!

Ionic Bonding Poem – a snippet of chemical poetry

(anon Y11 student, Whitby Community College, Oct 31st 2002)

How do I long for a full outer shell!

being chlorine having seven, is a horrid hell

but my name is sodium and I have one spare!

I want to lose it, can we not share?

No? for are we not a perfect match

chuck it to me, I promise to catch

then we can live our separate ways

and live with full shells to the end of our days!

and so our tale comes to an end

as positive and negative we shall remain friends

Granddaughter Baby Niamh at nearly 6 months – first experiment in molecular modelling?

No teething dribbling on the structure please! The greatest chemistry of all – the chemistry of life!


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