Advanced Level Organic Chemistry: INDEX of AROMATIC CHEMISTRY NOTES

Part 7. The chemistry of Aromatic Compounds

Doc Brown's Chemistry Advanced Level Pre-University Chemistry Revision Study Notes for UK KS5 A/AS GCE IB advanced level organic chemistry students US K12 grade 11 grade 12 organic chemistry

7.0 INDEX of all My Aromatic Chemistry Notes

7.1 Molecular structure and nomenclature of aromatic compounds

(7.1 includes an extensive introduction on how to write and display aromatic formulae including isomers - lots of examples)

7.2 Proof of the structure of benzene, aromaticity and introduction to electrophilic substitution in arenes

7.3 Sources & synthesis of arenes including alkylation (electrophilic substitution), physical properties of arenes and use of arenes in fuels

7.4 Free radical addition reactions of benzene and methylbenzene with hydrogen and side-chain chlorination substitution of the methyl group of methylbenzene

7.5 Electrophilic substitution - nitration of benzene and methylbenzene, properties and uses of nitro-aromatics

7.6 Electrophilic substitution - ring halogenation of benzene & methylbenzene, properties & uses of aryl halides

7.7 Electrophilic substitution - ring sulfonation of arenes, properties & uses of alkylbenzenesulfonic acids

7.8 Electrophilic substitution - acylation of arenes, properties & uses of aromatic ketones and aromatic aldehydes

7.9 The physical and chemical properties of phenol and some of its derivatives and their uses

7.10 Physical & chemical properties of phenylamine, selected derivatives including diazonium ions and dyes

7.11 The physical and chemical properties of benzoic acid and selected derivatives

7.12 The structure, properties and uses of polyesters and polyamides involving aromatic monomers

7.13 Examples of aromatic compounds from the pharmaceutical industry and those found in natural products

7.14 Explaining the orientation of products of putting a 2nd substituent into a monosubstituted benzene derivative

(perhaps aspects of 7.14 go beyond what is normally required in pre-university chemistry courses?)

The following notes below were written before the expanded notes listed above, but they do have basic reaction conditions, reagents and general equations as well as detailed notes on the mechanisms involved.

Nitration to give nitro-aromatics like nitrobenzene

Chlorination to chloro-aromatics like chlorobenzene

Alkylation to give alkyl-aromatics like methylbenzene [Friedel-Crafts reaction]

Acylation to give aromatic ketones [Friedel-Crafts reaction]

Sulfonation to give a sulfonic acid like benzenesulfonic acid

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Doc Brown's Advanced Level Chemistry Revision Notes

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