HOMEPAGE for all of Phil and Molly's Picshope you enjoy the picturesNATURE SCENES - observations on the natural world

Plants, domestic and rural wild and pet animal scenes

Wherever you are there are always animals around whether they be cared for pets by the vets or wild animals who take their chance with few, if any, people to look after them.


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1. The friendly donkeys of Urris, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland

2. Image of Nutty the grumpy schoolhouse cat

3. A little dog joined us for several miles when walking on the beautiful Renvyle Peninsular, Connemara, Ireland

4. Picture of Nutty the cat - and just who knocked my basket over?

A big lamb! by Ashfield Farm House in Castleton village, North Yorkshire5. Nutty the cat - well, is this magic carpet ever going to take off?

6. The mysterious white cat in the old mill

7. Webshot of Nutty the cat - just relaxing

8. Swaledale sheep - mother and lamb in the meadow land near Gordale Scar, Yorkshire Dales, England

9. The lama of Castleton, North Yorkshire!

10. Swans and canoeists at Bray Harbour, south of Dublin, Co. Wicklow

11. Semi-feral horses on the 'green' limestone outcrops in the Howgills Hills, Cumbria, England

12. Horses grazing by Rievaulx Abbey, North Yorkshire, England

13. Adder snake, above Rosedale, North Yorkshire

14a. Sheep dog on Ventry Beach, The Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland 14b. Pony Riders on Ventry Beach

15. Stray cat at Kilfenora village, The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland

16. Sculpture of Fungie the dolphin, Dingle Town, Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland

17.  Red Admiral butterfly (Latin name Vanessa atalanta)

18. 'Dog judging', Castleton Village Show, North Yorkshire, September, 2007

19. Birds of Prey, Castleton Village Show, North Yorkshire

20. Nesting swan, Skerries, Ireland

roll on summer!21. Cormorants shags on rocks, Howth Cliffs, Co. Dublin

22a Picasso the black cat, 22b and 22c

23. Rather tame grey seals in Howth Harbour, Co. Dublin, East Coast of Ireland

long journey mate?24. Doves and dovecot in Danby Dale, North Yorkshire, England

25. One of the alpaca's of Castleton, North Yorkshire, England

26. Harness horse racers training on Rathmullan Beach, Donegal, Ireland

27. Tethered 'travellers' horse in Middlesbrough, Teesside, Cleveland

28. Nutty the cat, with a little friend!, basking in the sunshine

29. Posing sheep, Kentmere Valley, Lake district, England

30. Mother sheep and two lambs near Green End, Esk Valley, North Yorkshire

31. A beautiful white horse in Danby Dale, North Yorkshire

32. White Scottie off lead and white sheep do NOT mix!

33. The case of the curious cat in Lastingham Village, North Yorkshire

34. A well groomed chestnut brown horse in Danby Dale, North Yorkshire

35. 'Can't we be friends?' White horse and chestnut brown horse in Danby Dale

36. Shetland? pony, Danby Dale, North Yorkshire

37. Farm cats, Danby Dale, North Yorkshire

38. A hungry young highland cow/bull? and sheep near Commondale, North Yorkshire

39. The pack or herd? of alpaca's in Danby Dale, North Yorkshire

40. Ostriches in Danby Dale  *  41. Alpaca's, winter, Castleton, North Yorkshire

42. Willow branch sculpture of otters, Moors National Park Centre, Danby North Yorkshire

43. This dog is ready for a long hike!

44 Caged ferret and sheep manicuring, Farndale Show North Yorkshire

45. Shire horses resting at the Farndale Show, North Yorkshire

46. Donkey and Trap - Farndale Show, North Yorkshire

47. This is my patch! - the schoolhouse cat again!

48. The oak eggar moth  *  49. A large common frog

50.  Blue Tit feeding on nuts

51. Flowers, Annes Grove Gardens, Castletownroche, Co. Cork

52. Flowers, Annes Grove Gardens, Co. Cork, Ireland

53. Tortoiseshell butterfly  *  54. Two very different fungi (1) and (2)

55. Ice rivulets on car windscreen  *  56. Two examples of lichen

57. Trees and Pickering Castle, North Yorkshire

58. Sheep on one of the bronze age tumulus called Robin Hood's Butts above Danby, North Yorkshire

59a. Tulips in May, Ardgillan Castle, Co. Dublin, Ireland

59b Camellia flower?  *  60. Fungus (3) * 61. Chopped yew tree logs

62. Delicate ferns on stone wall [fern (1)]

63. Spores on the underside of a fern leaf [fern (2)]

64. The copper beech tree that once stood in Danby Lodge

65. Sunset over Bantry Bay and the Beara Peninsula

66. Heather on the Cheviot Hills  *  67. Stream - woods and ice

68. The Brown Rats!

69. Two mother cats and two litters share the same basket!

Two animals designed to kill! A raptor and a cheeky cat taking over the bird table


Two mother cats, two litters of kittens, everything evenly shared out in the same basket, an ideal society !!!

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HOMEPAGE for all of Phil and Molly's Picshope you enjoy the picturesWherever you are there are always animals around whether they be cared for such as cats, dogs and horses and pets in general. We rely on vets for our pets good health but wild animals take their chance with few, if any, people to look after them, other than environmental projects, whereas we readily pamper our pets and  rush them off to the vets at every available opportunity! Pictures of wildlife, domestic pets and wild animals Miscellaneous pictures wild animals, pets or farm animals from domestic life, countryside walking and holidays. Pictures of animals and pets Phil Brown docspics  landscapes digital images snapshots photographs pictures views scenes scenic views pics photos snaps webshots

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