GCSE Chemistry Notes: Index of pages on pH, acids, bases (including alkalis) and salts

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INDEX of pages on the pH scale of acidity and alkalinity, acids, alkalis, salts and neutralisation etc. etc.!

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pH scale Acids, Bases & Salts Revision NOTES INDEX

for GCSE Chemistry, IGCSE Chemistry and O level chemistry

1. Everyday examples of acids, alkalis & hazard warning signs

2. pH scale, indicator colours, ionic theory of acids, alkalis (bases) & neutralisation

3. Examples of acid, neutral or alkaline solutions now included in section 1. above.

4. Acid reactions with metals/oxides/hydroxides/carbonates, neutralisation reactions

(Part 4 includes redox half equations for the metal-acid reaction and how to work out the formula of a salt given the constituent ions)

5. Reactions of bases-alkalis like sodium hydroxide

6. Methods of making salts index and chemical tests for ions in salts & tests for common gases

7. Changes in pH in a neutralisation reaction, choice and use of indicators

8. Important formulae, salt solubility and water of crystallisation

9. Further examples of equations now included in sections 4, 5 & 6

10. More on acid-base theory - weak and strong acids and their properties

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