Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "Uses of some common compounds"

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   ammonia      carbohydtrates      carbon dioxide      caustic soda      chlorine      citric acid      energy      ethanoic acid      fertiliser salts      fire extinguishers      hydrochloric acid      nitrogen      phosphoric acid      phosphorus      sodium chloride      sodium hydrogen carbonate      sodium hydroxide      solvent      vinegar      water   
(1) The alkaline gas is neutralised by acids to make that provide for protein production in growing plants.

(2) Solid compounds called are used as sweeteners and providing foods.

(3) The gas is used in fizzy drinks and .

(4) A solution of (chemical name ) is used in oven cleaners and to make the sodium salts of acids.

(5) The white solid is used in baking powders to react with to produce carbon dioxide gas.

(6) A solution of (acetic acid) is as .

(7) The liquid is an important industrial chemical and used to make chloride salts.

(8) The compound is used to make phosphate salts which provide in fertiliser formulations.

(9) Crystals of are used as table salt and a source of the element .

(10) The liquid is an important because it dissolves so many substances.

(11) The white solid is used in baking powder because it reacts with acids or is decomposed by heat to give gas which causes the rising action in baking.