Advanced A/AS Level Chemistry: INDEX of notes on organic nitrogen compounds

Part 8. The chemistry of  Organic Nitrogen Compounds

Doc Brown's Chemistry Advanced Level Pre-University Chemistry Revision Study Notes for UK KS5 A/AS GCE IB advanced A level organic chemistry students US K12 grade 11 grade 12 organic chemistry of organonitrogen compounds

INDEX of Organic Nitrogen Compound Notes

When I finally reached organo-nitrogen compounds I'd already written much of the chemistry of them in other sections.

SO, here I've linked to previous notes on other parts of my website, BUT added to them or here where appropriate.

8.1 Molecular structure and nomenclature of nitrogen containing organic compounds

(Also includes an introduction as to how to write and display organic-nitrogen formulae including isomers)

8.2 The structure, classification and physical properties of aliphatic amines

8.3 Methods of synthesising amines (aliphatic and aromatic), includes reactions of amines with halogenoalkanes

8.4 Acid-base chemistry of aliphatic amines, their comparative strength as bases and reactions with acids

8.5 The chemistry of amides e.g. reaction with acid chlorides and acid anhydrides, polyamides - formation, structure, properties and uses

8.6 The complexing reaction of primary aliphatic amines with d-block metal ions (transition metal complexes)

8.7 Amine bases and the hydrogen bonding in DNA and RNA

8.8 LINKS to all my notes on amino acids, peptides, polypeptides and types of proteins

See also Part 15 Organic Chemistry Spectroscopy - examples of IR, mass, H-1 NMR and C-13 NMR spectra

AND other pages involving organonitrogen compounds (I have not repeated everything in the above pages!)

Section 6.11 AMIDES - molecular structure, preparations and reactions, brief mention of polyamides

Section 6.12 The chemistry of NITRILES - molecular structure, preparations and reactions

Section 6.13 Amino acids - molecular structure, preparation and reactions - two functional group

Section 6.14 More on the uses of carboxylic acids and derivatives and occurrence in nature

Section 7.10 The chemistry of AROMATIC AMINES including preparation of phenylamine, acylation, electrophilic substitution and azo dyes

and Amino acids as a case study of R/S isomerism

Nitrogen compounds covered in My Organic Chemistry Part 8:

Aliphatic and aromatic Primary amines .. Secondary amines .. Tertiary Amines .. Quaternary ammonium salts ..

Amino acids and zwitterions .. Primary acid amides .. Secondary acid amides .. Tertiary acid amides ...

Polyamides (Nylons and Kevlars) .. Diazonium salts and azo dyes .. Nitro-aromatics .. Nitriles ...

Amino acids, peptides, polypeptides, proteins, hydrogen bonds between bases in the structure of DNA and RNA

The following notes have basic reaction conditions, reagents and general equations as well as notes on the mechanisms indicated and were written before the above notes on the chemistry of organic nitrogen compounds.

Nucleophilic substitution by cyanide ion to give a nitrile [SN1 or SN2]

Nucleophilic substitution by ammonia/primary amine to give primary/secondary amines etc. [SN1 or SN2]

Nucleophilic addition of hydrogen cyanide to form a hydroxy-nitrile

Amide formation from reaction of acid chlorides with ammonia or primary amines

Nitration of arenes to give nitro-aromatics like nitrobenzene

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