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Advanced Level Chemistry: Amino acids, peptides, polypeptides and protein structure

Part 8.8 The chemistry of organic nitrogen (organonitrogen) compounds

Doc Brown's Chemistry Advanced Level Pre-University Chemistry Revision Study Notes for UK KS5 A/AS GCE IB advanced A level organic chemistry students US K12 grade 11 grade 12 organic chemistry

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All my advanced level organo-nitrogen compound chemistry notes

All my advanced A level organic chemistry notes

Index of GCSE level oil and basic organic chemistry notes

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Part 8.8 LINKS to all my notes on the chemistry of amino acids, peptides, polypeptides, protein structure, amides and polyamides

GCSE notes: A basic introduction to amino acids and natural polymers - polypeptides, proteins and enzymes

The rest are all advanced A level organic chemistry revision notes on organonitrogen compounds

6.11 Amides - molecular structure, physical properties, preparations and reactions, brief mention of polyamides

I've already written a general introduction to the chemistry of amino acids in Part 6 Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives

6.13 Amino acids - molecular structure, preparation and reactions - two functional group chemistries, polypeptide formation and hydrolysis and chromatographic analysis

So I see little point in repeating it here!

Section 8.7 Amine bases and the hydrogen bonding in DNA and RNA

For isomerism Amino acids as a case study of R/S isomerism

For notes on protein structure see

Section 14.4 Protein structure, enzyme structure and function and metalloenzymes

Section 14.5 Protein analysis & synthesis AND combinatorial chemistry and autosynthesis

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