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Water Cycle - Water as a resource, hard & soft water, colloids, emulsions, salt solubility & water of crystallisation

(Suitable for AQA, Edexcel and OCR GCSE chemistry students)

1. Water cycle, potable water, water treatment, pollution, ion tests

2. Colloids - sols, foams, soaps, detergents and emulsions

3. Hard and soft water - causes and treatment

4. Gas and salt solubility in water and solubility curves

5. Determination and calculation of water of crystallisation

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These 'Extra Aqueous Chemistry' sections listed below are now split into five sections and renumbered

so use the new index above  1. What happens to water on the Earth's Surface 1a The Water Cycle and Water as a Resource  1b Water Treatment and pollution - domestic and industrial contexts  1c Hard and Soft Water  2a. How well do different gases and solids dissolve in water?  2b. Solubility curves for selected salts 3. Water of crystallisation calculations

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