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School Chemistry Notes: Aspects of the chemistry of water

Water Cycle, Water as a resource, hard and soft water, colloids, emulsions, salt solubility, water of crystallisation and reactions involving water  (re-edit)

Doc Brown's chemistry exam study revision notes:

There are various sections to work through and all are suitable for UK GCSE and IGCSE level and US grade 9 and grade 10 science-chemistry students

Sub-index for this section on the chemistry of WATER

1. Water cycle, potable water, water treatment, pollution, ion tests

2. Colloids - sols, foams, soaps, detergents and emulsions

3. Hard and soft water - causes and treatment

4. Gas and salt solubility in water and solubility curves

5. Determination and calculation of water of crystallisation

For other reactions involving water see also:

The Reactivity Series of Metals including their reaction with water

Corrosion - Rusting of Iron - water and oxygen required

Group 1 The Alkali Metals, physical & chemical properties, uses



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