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Magnetism: 9.4 Permanent magnet uses

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9.4 Uses of permanent magnets

(See other page for electromagnet uses)

magnetic objects stuck on a fridge door

Sticking things on the refrigerator! or any other iron or steel surface - a magnetisable metal surface.

Loudspeakers use permanent magnets.

For details see Part 11.6 The loudspeaker

Magnetic screwdrivers help hold the screw in position in hard to reach places.

Jewellery clasps can be made of permanent magnetic materials.

A compass is essentially a small bar magnet in which the steel needle of the compass measures the direction with respect to the Earth's magnetic poles.

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Keywords, phrases and learning objectives on magnetism

Be able to describe the uses of permanent magnets in a loudspeaker, a compass, magnetic screwdriver, jewellery clasps and sticking things on the refrigerator on any other iron or steel surface.


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