GCSE level School biology notes: Explaining diffusion, osmosis, transport, active transport

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Movement of substances in living systems - introduction to diffusion, Fick's Law, osmosis, transport and active transport

Doc Brown's GCSE level biology exam revision study notes

See also Surface exchange of substances in animal organisms

and Transport systems in plants

Sub-index for this section on transport of substances in living organisms

(1) Introduction to diffusion and demonstration experiments and its importance in biology

(2) A particle model and factors affecting the rate of diffusion and Fick's Law of diffusion

(3) The action of partially permeable cell membranes - selective diffusion and examples

(4) Osmosis - examples and explanation

(5) Some details of examples of osmotic action in individual animal or plant cell types

(6) Osmosis experiments - demonstrations of osmotic action

(7) Active transport - explanation of why needed and examples explained

(8) A quick comparison of diffusion, osmosis and active transport

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