GCSE level revision notes: Genetic engineering - applications of GM products in biotechnology

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Biotechnology - genetic engineering techniques - splicing genes with enzymes! Uses e.g. making insulin, GM crops and medical applications - contemporary examples of biotechnology

There are various sections to work through,  after 1 they can be read and studied in any order.  Note: GM is used as an abbreviation for genetically modified products i.e. the produce of genetic modification engineering techniques to an organisms genome.

Sub-index for this section on GM technology

(1) Introduction to biotechnology and genetic engineering

(2) Application of GM - the production of insulin

(3) Examples of modifying the genomes of plants - agricultural and horticultural uses of GM products

(4) Uses of genetic engineering in medicine including gene therapy

(5) Ethical and other issues: 'pros and cons' of using genetic modification in plants and animals

(6) Thoughts on using GM products to increase the world production of food for an increasing global population

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