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GCSE level biology: Genetics: Mendel's experiments, inherited characteristics & disorders

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INDEX of notes for: Introduction to the genetics of inheritance of characteristics, work of Mendel, genetic diagrams, Punnett squares

including technical terms explained, the work on Mendel with pea plants, inherited genetic disorders, genetic-embryonic screening


Doc Brown's GCSE level biology exam revision study notes

Sub-index for this section on basic genetics

(1) Introduction to genetics and inheritance and technical terms explained

(2) Sexual reproduction: methods of genetic analysis - Punnett square 'model' examples explained

(3) Examples of genetic diagrams to explain inheritance of characteristics using the work of Mendel

(4) Inherited genetic disorder: sickle cell anaemia

(5) Inherited genetic disorder: cystic fibrosis

(6) Inherited genetic disorder: polydactyly

(7) Examples of interpreting family trees

See also notes on genetic screening for genetic abnormalities including ethical issues, which overlaps with ....

Genetic screening - using data from the human genome project - potential medical treatments - issues


An introduction to genetic variation and the formation and consequence of mutations

The human GENOME project

Genetics: inherited characteristics - human sexual reproduction - gender (XX or XY), genetic fingerprinting uses

Genetic engineering: uses - making insulin, medical applications, GM crops and food security

More complicated genetics: Sex linked and non-sex linked genetic disorders


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