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37. Derby (3) Museum (& Art Gallery, see 38.)

Scenes from the English 'MIDLANDS'


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The Derby Museum and Art Gallery houses some really good displays of prehistoric, early Christian, medieval and later objects o f interest. Some examples are described below. There are also fine displays of Derby Porcelain in the cafe area AND the Art Gallery houses an impressive collection of paintings by Joseph Wright.


In the cafe around the tables are display cabinets full of Derby Porcelain from the Nottingham Road Factory made between 1756 and 1848.


Derby Porcelain - flask/guglet, vase, butter dish, mug, bowl with lid, all from 1765


Derby Porcelain - coffee cup & saucer, a Rodney jug, Bacchus cup, from 1777 to 1784


Derby Porcelain - breakfast set from ~1800, cups, saucers, teapot etc.


Derby Porcelain - large vases and tankards from 1815-1825


Derby Porcelain - beautiful figures e.g. the Alpine Shepherdess, Autumn from French Seasons set, seated boy with flowers, all from around 1780-1800


Derby Porcelain - highly coloured figures from 1825-1835 including Grimaldi the clown, the actor John Philip Kemble as Richard III, musician Billy Waters, actors like David Garrick as Tancred and Susannah Cibber as Vivandiere


The Museum Displays in the main galleries

Derby Museum - Stone tools, mainly flint, used by people 300,000 to 180,000 years ago.




Derby Museum - Prehistoric flint and bone artifacts from the caves at Creswell Crags from 60,000 to 10,000 years ago.




Derby Museum - The Neolithic farming revolution




Derby Museum - The metal-working revolution - copper and bronze objects from axes to swords from the 'Chaloclithic to Bronze Age'




Derby Museum - the 2nd metal revolution - into the 'Iron Age'



Derby Museum - Roman Derbyshire Ware pottery, from pottery kilns at Little Chester, well before the 'Derby Porcelain' made at the Nottingham Road factory in the late 18th and early 19th century. Not as pretty, but just as useful!




Derby Museum - A Samian pottery bowl with a hunting scene, such pottery was mass produced in Gaul (France) and the Rhineland (in Germany).



Derby Museum - prehistoric Hanson oak dug-out canoe from 1400 BCE, it seems to have sank carry a load of sandstone!?



Derby Museum - miscellaneous Roman objects made of iron or silver.




Derby Museum

Left: A Roman carved stone figure of Mercury, the god of merchants and travellers.

Right: Part of the Repton Stone (cross shaft) which was perhaps 4 m high and maybe a memorial to King Aethelbald of Mercia (reigned 716-757).

Derby Museum -


Derby Museum - Left, part of a highly decorated 9th century Anglo-Saxon carved slab.

Right: Part of St Alkmund's Cross (~AD 850), this side shows three animals, two with long winding tongues

Derby Museum - Carved Anglo-Saxon stones


Derby Museum - Other views of the part of St Alkmund's Cross




Derby Museum

Left: A wooden figure from around 1400 of an old man carrying a sack.

Right: A highly decorated grave cover from the 9th century.




Derby Museum: St Alkmund's sarcophagus from ~AD 800

A very elaborately carved Anglo-Saxon stone coffin.

Derby Museum -





Derby Museum - Grave goods from the 6th century Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Little Chester, Derby

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Derby Museum - The Natural History gallery.





Snowy Owl


The 'Soldiers Story' follows the history and exploits of fighting units of men from Derby and Derbyshire county.




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