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SITEMAP   School Physics Notes: Forces & motion 2.1 Reminders of distance-time graphs

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Forces and Motion 2.1 Brief reminders on distance-time graphs

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INDEX for notes on acceleration, deceleration, constructing and interpreting velocity/speed-time graphs

1.1 Reminders from Forces & motion section 1. on distance-time graphs

Distance - time graphs

Graph shows acceleration, object speeding up, ∆d/∆t gradient increasing.

Graph object shows zero speed/velocity, ∆d/∆t is constant at zero, object is stationary.

Graph deceleration, object is slowing down, ∆d/∆t is decreasing.

Graph shows uniform or constant speed/velocity, not acceleration, ∆d/∆t is constant, but not zero.

DO NOT confuse these graphs with the velocity-time graphs below!

Notes index on acceleration, deceleration, velocity/speed-time graphs

Keywords, phrases and learning objectives for distance-time graphs for a moving object

Be able to interpret distance-time graphs in terms of constant speed, changing speed - acceleration and deceleration and object stationary.


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INDEX for physics notes on acceleration/deceleration and constructing and interpreting velocity/speed-time graphs

INDEX of all my physics notes on FORCES and MOTION

INDEX of all my physics notes on FORCES


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Notes index on acceleration, deceleration, velocity/speed-time graphs