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11. Leicester (5) St Martin's Cathedral Church

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The Guildhall with the tall spire of St Martin's Cathedral Church towering above it. The spire was added in 1860as part of the Victorian restoration by Raphael Brandon. St martin's Cathedral is now the 'home' of the 2015 Tomb of King Richard III whose remain were found in the old grounds of Greyfriars Church. A section on Richard's tomb is at the end of the page.

The Guildhall with the tall spire of St Martin's Cathedral Church towering above it.



Leicester Cathedral: Stained glass window of St Martin in St Martins' House next to the Guildhall


St Martin's Cathedral Church, Leicester. St Martin's originates from a Norman church of the 12th century. From archaeological finds below the foundations of the present church, the site was probably a pagan sanctuary which later became a Christian Saxon church prior to the Norman Conquest of England.



The great medieval chest in St Martin's Cathedral.

The great medieval oak chest in St Martin's Cathedral, complete with iron bands, locks and ring. It is now used to collect donations.




Leicester Cathedral: Looking down the nave of St Martin's cathedral towards the choir, chancel and alter, with the arches of the south aisle on the left. The chancel was rebuilt in 1409 and the north and south chapels added. There were later considerable additions in the 15th-17th centuries. In the 19th century there was considerable rebuilding and restoration work as the church as, according to the new vicar of 1844, Mr Edward Thomas Vaughan, "The fabric is in a sadly decayed and decaying condition". The old spire was taken down and a new 220 ft (~72m) one erected in 1867 onto the new tower built in 1861. The large wooden screen separating the nave and chancel was designed by Sir Charles Nicholson and carved by Bowman of Stamford and presented when St Martin's became a cathedral in 1927.


Leicester Cathedral: The roof of the nave

Leicester Cathedral: Looking west through the Choir down through the Nave.


Leicester Cathedral: The altar ans east window of St Martin's Cathedral


Leicester Cathedral: above/below: Details of the East Window


The east stained glass window above the alter of St Martin's Cathedral.  top left detail

Leicester Cathedral: The very striking east stained glass window above the alter of St Martin's Cathedral. It was designed by Christopher Wall in memory of the fallen of the 1914-1918 World War I and dates from 1920. On the bottom row from left to right are depictions of St Joan of Arc, Jesus with crying angels, Mary Magdalene, James and St Martin of Tours


Leicester Cathedral: The memorial to King Richard III, the last of the Plantagenet dynasty. After he was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field on August 22nd 1485, his body was buried in Greyfriars graveyard in St Martins parish. Near to the Cathedral in ? Street is another memorial plaque near where the church of the Greyfriars stood. See section on Richard's tomb at the end of the page.


St Katherine's Chapel


Leicester Cathedral: There is a fine three-light window (detailed pictures below), of which the centre panel of painted glass is dedicated to St Katherine herself.

Leicester Cathedral: There are some 'colourful' gravestones in St Katherine's Chapel.


Leicester Cathedral: By St Katherine's Chapel is a copy of the Ghent altarpiece "The Adoration of the Lamb" by Van Eyck commissioned in 1420.


stained glass window

The Sacrament Chapel of St Dunstan


Leicester Cathedral: St Dunstan's Chapel



Leicester Cathedral: Stained glass window in St Dunstan's Chapel


Stained glass

Leicester Cathedral: Military Memorial window


Leicester Cathedral: Looking out through the West door is the entrance to the medieval Guildhall. The glass doors, installed in 1996, depict the parting of the Red Sea and telling of God's people escaping to freedom in the Promised Land as told in the book of Exodus.


The new TOMB of RICHARD III and the Pall

RICHARD III Loyaulte melie inscribed on the deep cut tombstone made of Swaledale fossil stone (quarried in North Yorkshire), with a base plinth of black Kilkenny marble from Ireland.


The Royal oat of arms, the deeply incised cross on the tombstone block and the white boar symbol of Richard III


Loyaulte melie RICHARD III


1452 - 1485 RICHARD III


RICHARD III 1452 - 1485


The fossils evident in the Swaledale fossil limestone (marble like) and Kilkenny black marble.


Richard III's embroidered funeral pall complete with crown



Images on the funeral pall of Richard III






Long view of the funeral pall


The crown and coat of arms of Richard III


The reinstated statue of Richard III near St Martins', Leicester Cathedral


The Guildhall is a medieval building with considerable 16th and 17th century additions and alterations

The Guildhall on St Martins West,  is a medieval building from the early 15th century, with considerable 16th and 17th century additions and alterations and should really be considered a Tudor building, either way its on the tourist trail of Leicester City. More details of the Guildhall


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