HOMEPAGE Fragments of history and archaeology on the North Yorkshire Moors

HOMEPAGE for all of Phil and Molly's PicsFragments of Archaeology and Glimpses of History

in the Landscapes of the North York Moors

1. Westerdale Village and Environs

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1a. The prehistoric standing stone

Beautiful purple heather setting for this megalithic stone!

Standing stone above Westerdale Village Erosion on the top of the standing stone above Westerdale Village Standing stone above Westerdale Village

The prehistoric standing stone above Westerdale village on the south-west slope of Westerdale Moor.


1b. Stone alignments on Westerdale Moor


These are probably old field walls from the bronze age?

These are the remnants of ancient field systems on Westerdale Moor.

Remains of an ancient field wall above Westerdale village Remains of an ancient field wall above Westerdale village

The deeply etched weathered tops testify to their great 'standing' age.

 Remains of an ancient field wall above Westerdale village

Remains of  ancient field walls (orthostats) above Westerdale village.


1c. Quarrying in Westerdale

One of several quarries above Westerdale Side - many buildings in the area are built of local stone.

1d. Westerdale Bridge

The bridge below the village out on the Westerdale-Kildale road, presumably of medieval origin (possibly its origins lie in the 13th century) and is approached down a 'sunken' lane when descending from the main village .


Westerdale Bridge

The medieval bridge has been much rebuilt and strengthened - ribbed vaulting in the form of arches underneath reinforce the original bridge.

Westerdale Bridge

The worn stones on the bridge, similar to what you find on the stone trods or pannier ways across the moors and no doubt acted as a pack horse bridge.

1e. Christ Church, Westerdale

The porch contains some early medieval grave slabs, some believed to be associated with the Knights Templar, who had a Grange in Westerdale.

The tallest right tombstone depicts a sword and bow & arrow, so it may be that of a forester?

Duckworth has been a local name for hundreds of years.

The trouble they took in carving headstones of graves (all of these are from the 19th century)

1f. Westerdale Hall.

Westerdale Hall was built before 1874 and was formally a hunting lodge, now a private residence but was for a time a YHA Youth Hostel.

1g. The Prehistoric Crown End Settlement

OS Grid 669074, Garmin eTrex NZ 6687 0738 ? (literature says NZ 660673?)

This Iron-Age settlement is a clear rectangular enclosure ~40m x 40m square, built from earth and stone with maybe three entrances? This stone walled bank enclosure is set on north facing ridge




The stone and earth wall can be clearly seen in places.


Evidence of walling or kerbstones on the western bank of the Iron Age enclosure on Crown End, Westerdale Moor.

Site of an old bridge across the River Esk just west of Dibble Bridge

Some of the original stone abutments are visible. Was this bridge part of the old road from Castleton to Stokesley?

1h. Dale Head Farm

These were built in 1832 as a shelter for straw bee skips, the forerunners of the modern beehive, and restored in 1983.


Barn ventilation holes - fresh air in and barn owls to catch vermin! Mice/rats?

1i. Bern's Bridge

Bern's Bridge over is on Hograh Moor north-west of Westerdale Village.

Memorial to Alan Clegg (1936-1981) 'Who loved the moors'

Bern's Bridge is dated 1944 and dedication dated December 8th 2000 to Bernard Foulke (Fell Runner)

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HOMEPAGE Fragments of history and archaeology on the North Yorkshire MoorsHOMEPAGE for all of Phil and Molly's Pics

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