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5. Buda (2) The Church of St Matthias (Matyas-templom) and Fishermen's Bastion

Budapest, Buda: The impressive view from the Fishermen's Bastion which looks out across the River Danube to Pest - on the far bank are the neo-Gothic Parliament buildings.


Budapest, Buda: The Church of Our Lady - The Matthias Church (Matyas-templom) with its highly decorated Gothic architecture. The church was originally built in the mid-13th century but expanded in 14th and 15th century. There is much restoration work going on at this time (2009).


Budapest, Buda: The royal emblem - black raven with a gold ring on the Matthias Church (Matyas-templom).


Budapest, Buda: The wonderful coloured patterned tiled roof of the Church of our Lady - Matthias Church (Matyas-templom).



Budapest, Buda: Church of Our Lady - The highly decorated entrances to the Matthius Church and Bela tower of 1470 on the right. The coloured tiles also clad the spires - great craftsmanship.


Budapest, Buda: The equestrian statue of St Stephen, erected in 1906. St Stephen was the first king of Hungary and the founder of the Magyar state.


Budapest, Buda: Behind the statue of St Stephen is the white marble extravaganza of the Fishermen's Bastion which was built between 1899 and 1903 by the architect Frigyes Schulek on the hill which in medieval times was occupied by a guild of fishermen and the site of a fish market.


Budapest, Buda: Whatever the controversy of the design of this 'Bastion', the views from it, across the River Danube to Pest are breathtaking!



Budapest, Buda: Some medieval statues preserved in the Fishermen's Bastion.








The view of the Parliament buildings and the River Danube from the Fisherman's Bastion




HOMEPAGE for all of Phil and Molly's Pics

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