QUIZ C1.2a Chemical reactions and burning fossil fuels

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(a) carbon1nonanim.gifThe fuel coal is mainly .

(b) extra2.gifj0104574.gifOil is a of many molecules which are compounds of carbon and and are known as .

(c) oilflame.gifWhen fuels burn the carbon and hydrogen atoms combine with the in air to form and vapour.

(d) In a chemical reaction the atoms of the reactants are to give the .

(e) bal2static.gifThe number of atoms of each must be the same in the products as in the .

(f) This is known as the law of of mass, that is, the mass of reactants the mass of products.

(g) The properties of the reactants and products are .

(h) eq05.gif
methane + ==> +
Per molecule of methane, the reaction illustrated above involves atom(s) of carbon, atom(s) of hydrogen, atom(s) of oxygen and atoms all together.