QUIZ 1.1c Air Pollutants

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   acid      acidifying      carbon      chains      corrosion      dioxide      direct      extra      food      fossil      fuel      indirect      irritant      lung      monoxide      nitrogen      oxides      pollution      rain      solid carbon      sulfur   
(a) car1.gif Atmospheric from human activity e.g. burning adds small amounts of CO and NOx (x is 1 or 2) from car exhausts and SO2 . from burning coal.

(b) Human activity also adds carbon dioxide from burning any and particles of to the atmosphere.

(c) Some pollutants cause harm to humans e.g. nitrogen dioxide is a

(d) Sulfur dioxide or nitrogen dioxide cause which causes of metal or stone surfaces.

(e) These two gases also cause harm to the environment and harm to humans by lakes and rivers harming the natural progression of .