QUIZ 1.1b Origin and evolution of the Earth's atmosphere

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   buried      carbon      coal      condense      decays      dioxide      dissolve      evolved      human      limestone      oceans      oil      oxygen      particulates      photosynthesis      volcanic      water   
(a) Other than the usual constituents of the Earth's atmosphere, other gases or (tiny bits of solids) are released into the atmosphere by activity and natural phenomena like eruptions.

(b) It is likely that activity produced the first early atmosphere of mainly and .

(c) The water vapour would eventually to form the .

(d) As life , organisms developed that could use the process of to convert carbon dioxide into . thus removing it from the Earth's atmosphere.

(e) The oceans will some of the carbon dioxide and some of this will end up as the sedimentary rock .

(f) When plant or animal life in large quantities and the remains under sedimentary layers of rock or sediments of mud in lakes or seas, fossil fuels like (from plants) and (from animal organisms) are formed.