Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "Reversible Reactions and Chemical Equilibrium"

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   co-exist      collide      conditions      constant      decreased      dynamic      dynamic equilibrium      endothermic      endothermic reaction      energy change      equilibrium      exothermic      exothermic reaction      heated      increased      position      products      reactants      reaction conditions      rearranged      reversible   
(1) Whenever a chemical reaction take place there is also an accompanying . If the reaction gives out heat to the surroundings it is called an and the temperature is .

(2) If heat energy is absorbed by the reactants its known as an . and either the temperature is by absorbing heat from the surroundings, or the reactants must be to effect the chemical change.

(3) When reactant molecules to react, bonds must be broken and new bonds formed to give the products as the atoms are . Bond breaking is an process and bond making is an process.

(4) You normally think of a chemical reaction in terms of ====> , but sometimes the reaction is and the products can change back into the reactants if the are changed.

(5) In other situations a reaction does not go to completion and the reactants and products all with each other. However, the reaction hasn't stopped and reactants change to and products change into the original . Eventually the concentrations of reactants and products remain , but the two reactions continue and maintain what is called a (a state of concentration balance).

(6) The position of an (reactants <==> products) can be changed by changing the under which the reaction takes place.

(7) If a reaction is endothermic, the reaction is favoured if the temperature of the system is .

(8) If the reaction is exothermic, the reaction is favoured if the temperature of the reaction is .

(9) In a reaction, the side of the equilibrium with the least number of gas molecules in the equation is favoured by pressure.

(10) Changing concentrations can also change the of an equilibrium. If the concentration of reactants is increased then more will be formed to reform the .

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