Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "What Factors Affect the Speed of a Chemical Reaction?"

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   bonds      catalyst      chance      changed      collide      collision theory      collisions      concentration      enzyme      faster      frequency      frequently      kinetic      loss      maintainance      pressure      product      smaller      solid      specific reactions      speed      surface area      temperature      used   
Image466.gif(1). The rate of reaction means the rate of of reactant or rate of formation of .

(2) Chemical reactions can only take place when particles into each other and this is known as the of chemical reactions.

(3) There are several ways to change the rate or of a reaction.

(4) Increasing the increases the energy of the particles and they more and with greater energy.

(5) Increasing the of a reactant in solution increases the of a 'fruitful' collision between particles.

(6) For gaseous reactants increasing the increases the rate of reaction and is the same as increasing the concentration producing a greater of collisions.

Image461.gif(7) A reactant will react faster if it is broken into pieces. This increases the and allows more between the reactants.

(8) Adding a can also speed up a reaction because it helps break chemical between atoms. However, although helps the reaction to go , it is not at the end of a reaction and can be again.

(9) In living systems a biological is called an and catalyses a . and are essential for the of all life.

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