Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "Designer Smart Materials"

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   applications      artificial fibe      artificial fibre      bodyarmour      breathable      chemically stable      designed      electrical fittings      external stimulus      flexible      Gortex      Kevlar      lightweight      Lycra      properties      rigid sections      stretches      Teflon      thermal insulation      Thinsulate      tough polymer   
1. Smart materials can change their in response to an .

2. Scientists can create a range of new materials to cover a wide range of .

3. Some of these 'designer products are' ...
(i) is material used in sports clothing because it is thermally insulating, waterproof and yet is at the same time.

(ii) is a very used in that can absorb the impact of a knife blade or bullet.

(iii) is an example of an (drawn out threads of a polymer) used to make sports clothing. Its advantage is that it is (not heavy!), strong but when necessary e.g. wetsuits, cyclist sportsware etc. It is a (unreactive) material that is not damaged by sweat, sunlight or detergents. The polymer chain is designed to have that give it strength and springy sections that make it .

(iv) is a very (long molecule) used to coat non-stick frying pans and the manufacture of .

(v) is another that is used in outdoor gear because of its excellent properties and doesn't readily absorb water and is relatively crush resistant.

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