Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "The TRANSITION METALS"

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   alkali      ammonia      bent      boilers      catalysts      coloured      conductors      copper      electricity      glazes      good      green      hard      higher      iron      less      metallic      oxygen      platinum      reactive      steel      structural      transition   
(1) In the centre of the periodic table there are blocks of elements. These elements, which include and copper, are known as metals.

(2) Like other metals, transition metals are of heat and and can easily be or hammered into shape. Compared to metals they have much melting points. They are usually , tough and strong. They are much and so do not corrode as quickly with and/or water.

(3) These properties make transition metals very useful as materials (e.g. iron, usually in the form of ) and for making things which must allow heat or electricity to pass through them easily (e.g. for electrical cables or iron for ).

(4) Most transition metals form compounds. These can be seen in pottery of various colours eg in weathered copper used for roofing domes, it forms a basic carbonate on the surface.

(5) Many transition metals, and their compounds, including iron and platinum, are used as . The catalytic converters of car exhausts use and is used as the catalyst for the Haber synthesis of from nitrogen and hydrogen.

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