Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "RECOGNISE THE ELEMENT and A USE for it"

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iron2.gif(1) The element is the main constituent of the steel used in the automotive and civil engineering construction industries and has the symbol .

I_ttgifHoriz.gif(2) In medical operations the element is used as an and its chemical symbol is .

platinum1.gif(3) Being bright and shiny the element , symbol , makes attractive .

neon1.gif(4) The element , symbol , is used bright graphic .

j0236531.gif(5) The element , symbol , is used in to make the filament last longer.

Cl_ttgifHoriz.gif(6) The element , symbol is used to swimming pool water.

AG00571_.gif(7) The gas , symbol , is used in because it is non-flammable and much lighter than air i.e. much less than air.

gold1.gif(8) The element , chemical symbol , is the least reactive metal in the periodic table and is highly valued as a as well as in jewelery.

copper1.gif(9) The element , symbol , is an excellent conductor of and is used in .