Gap-fill worksheet question Quiz "SPOT THE ELEMENT IN THE PERIODIC TABLE"

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   A      Alkali Metals      B      C      calcium      chlorine      D      E      F      Group 0      Group 1      Group 2      Group 7      Halogens      hydrogen      iron      neon      Noble Gases      reactive      Transition Metals      unreactive   
From A to F (NOT the real elements symbols) choose which element, group or series of elements matches the question.
(1) Element E, is called , a very non-metal in the of the periodic table.

(2) Element B is a metal called and is in of the periodic table.

(3) Element C is the gas .

(4) Element F is the gas and is a very non-metal element in the . of the periodic table

(5) Element D is , a member of the series of elements.

(6) Element A is very and belongs to the of the periodic table.

(7) Element is a green gas.

(8) Element is an important metal for the mineral content of bones.

(9) Element gives a squeaky pop with a lit splint.

(10) Element will not combine with other elements.

(11) Element is a metal used in steel alloys.

(12) Element rapidly reacts with water.