QUIZ 18a. Some features of the Earth's Geology

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   boundaries      convection      cooled      core      currents      earthquakes      eruptions      layered      mantle      plates      radioactive      shrinking      stress      tectonic      unpredictable      volcanic   
(a) The Earth's rocks, oceans and its atmosphere provide everything we need for life and human development.

(b) The Earth has a structure consisting of the (dense metal centre), (hot 'semi-plastic' rock) and the crust.

(c) Scientists once thought that the features of the Earth’s surface were the result of the of the crust as the Earth down following its formation.

(d) The Earth’s crust and the upper part of the mantle are cracked into a number of large pieces called .

(e) Within the Earth’s mantle there are , driven by heat released by natural processes, cause the plates to move at relative speeds of a few centimetres per year.

(f) Large-scale movements of the Earth’s crust can cause changes in the rocks and builds up and eventually it is released causing massive movements that can be sudden and disastrous and .

(g) Both and/or occur at the between tectonic plates.