QUIZ 15a. Sources and Uses of Vegetable Oils

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(a) Many plants produce useful oils that can be converted into consumer products including .

(b) Some (e.g. olives), (e.g. sunflower) and are rich in oils that can be .

(c) The plant material is crushed and the oil removed by cold or in some cases by .

(d) Then, and other impurities are removed.

(e) Vegetable oils are important foods and fuels as they provide a lot of . and they also provide us with .

(f) Oils do not in water but they can be with water to produce .

(g) Emulsions are than oil or water and have many uses that depend on their properties.

(h) They provide better texture, coating ability and appearance, for example in (improves coating) and (improves texture).

(i) Vegetable oils can be used to make , an example of ' ' providing fuel for tractors etc.