QUIZ 10a. Making useful compounds from the products of cracking

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(a) Some of the useful smaller molecules from cracking are used as since they release a large amount of heat on burning. However it is the which are used in this way as the burn with a smokey flame and they are a much more chemical for making other very useful compounds like (plastics).

(b) Image919.gifarrowRIGHT.jpgImage237.gif The hydrocarbon ethene can be reacted with by passing the mixture over a heated to make the important chemical compound called . The product is an important member of a series of organic compounds called .

(c) This way of making ethanol has the of being a industrial process, BUT, the of using the resource of crude oil.

(d) Ethanol can be made by the of sugar, a process that has the of being based on a resource, BUT, has the of being a process.

(e) This is an example of making a , in this case bioethanol, which can be blended with from crude oil to make a range of vehicle fuels.