QUIZ 6a. Transition Metal Properties and Uses

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(a) The elements in the central of the are known as metals.

(b) Like other metals they are of heat and and can be readily bent or into shape.

(c) They are useful as materials and for making things that must allow or electricity to pass through them easily.

(d) The metal has properties that make it useful for electrical wiring (good ) and (doesn't easily).

(e) Copper can be extracted by of aqueous solutions containing copper .

(f) The supply of copper-rich ores is limited and many sources have little cooper rich ores left..

(g) Therefore new ways of extracting copper from ores are being researched to limit the impact of traditional mining.

(h) Low density and resistance to corrosion make (e.g. greenhouse frames) and (e.g. aircraft frames) useful metals.

(i) These two metals cannot be from their oxides by with carbon. Reduction here means loss.

(j) Current methods of extraction are because there are stages in the processes and much is needed.

(k) Wherever possible we should metals because extracting them uses limited resources and is expensive in terms of and effects on the .