Quiz 5a. Uses of alloys other metals

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   alloys      aluminium      carbon      copper      corrosion      deformed      distort      gold      harder      iron      mixtures      properties      shape      shaped      sized      slide      smart      soft      specific      stainless      steel   
(a) Pure iron is too for many uses so most iron is converted into by making mixtures of iron, the non-metal and other metals.

(b) Steels are alloys since they are of with carbon and other metals.

(c) The different atoms added to alloys the layers in the structure of the pure metal, making it more difficult for them to over each other, and so alloys are .

(d) Alloys can be designed to have the best for a use and many are in everyday use.

(e) Low carbon steels are easily , high carbon steels are hard, and steels are resistant to .

(f) Pure (used in electrical wiring), (used in jewelry), and (used in greenhouse frames) are too soft for many uses and so are mixed with small amounts of similar metals to make them harder for everyday use.

(g) There are also which can return to their original after being .