Quiz 4a. The Manufacture of Iron

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(a) Mineral are naturally occuring rocks that provide the starting point for the and manufacture of useful metals.

(b) Ores must contain enough metal to make it to extract the metal.

(c) Unreactive metals such as are found in the Earth as the free metal itself but most metals are found as that require to extract the metal.

(d) Metals that are less than carbon can be extracted from their oxides by with , for example is reduced in the to
make iron.

(e)Balance the following equations showing several chemical reactions that can form iron.
Fe2O3 + CO ===> Fe + CO2
2Fe2O3 + C ===> Fe + CO2
Fe3O4 + CO ===> Fe + CO2
Fe3O4 + C ===> Fe + CO2

(f) Iron from the contains about 96% iron and 4% carbon and other which makes the iron and limits its uses.

(g) Removing all of the impurities would produce iron

(h) Pure iron has a regular of , with layers that can readily over each other when , and so is soft and easily , but too soft for many uses.