Quiz 3b More on Carbonate Chemistry

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   acid      calcium      carbon      decompose      dioxide      exothermic      fizzes      gas      heat      hydrochloric      hydroxide      limewater      milky      oxide      precipitate      quicklime   
(a) When metal carbonates are strongly heated they to give a solid metal residue and the called .

(b) This gas can be detected by passing it through where it forms a white .

(c) Complete the following word equations ...
(i) calcium carbonate ===> oxide + carbon dioxide
(ii) copper carbonate ===> copper + carbon dioxide.

(d) Another reaction you need to know is ...
+ water ===> slaked lime
+ water ==> calcium
This is a very reaction because it release lots of energy.

(e) To test a mineral rock to see if is a carbonate, you add .

(f) If the rock '', the gas is collected and bubbled into . to test to see what gas was evolved.

(g) If the limewater turns , it means the gas was carbon dioxide which is always formed when a carbonate reacts with an .