Quiz 3a. Limestone - its chemistry and uses

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   acidic      building      calcium      carbonate      cement      concrete      decomposition      glass      gravel      hydroxide      lime      mortar      neutralise      oxide      quicklime      rain      sand      slaked      soda      thermal      weathered   
(a) The rocks made of limestone are chemically mainly the compound .

(b) It can be quarried and used as a material though it is readily by acid .

(c) Powdered limestone can be used to acidity in lakes and soils.

(d) When limestone is strongly heated in a kiln it forms which is chemically the compound .

(e) This reaction is an example of where a compound is broken down by heat.

(f) Quicklime reacts with water to form which is chemically called calcium .

(g) Like limestone, it can be used to treat soil that is too for healthy plant growth.

(h) Limestone is heated with clay to make , and when this is mixed with water, sand and it makes .

(i) The building material is made by mixing cement, sand and water.

(j) The material is made by heating limestone with and '' (whose chemical name is sodium carbonate).