Quiz 2a. A Summary of the ideas of atoms, elements and compounds

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(a) ptableGIFmini.gifAll substances are made of basic particles called .

(b) Substances that are made of only one sort of atom are called .

(c) The table is laid out so that vertical columns of elements with similar form so-called of 'like' elements.

(d) atom06.gifAtoms have small central around which there are moving .

(e) When atoms react, new chemical are formed that hold the atoms together.

(f) Bonds are formed by atoms electrons (giving or losing/taking or gaining) or electrons.

(g) In a chemical , elements are represented by chemical and numbers indicate the number of of each of element in the compound.

(h) When different elements chemically combine together a is formed.

(i) No are lost or made in a chemical reaction and the of the initial equals the mass of the final of the reaction.