1a. Revision of chemistry terms: Element, Compound, Formula, Equation, Reactant, Product

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(a) Many atoms, especially when heated together, combine with each other to form a .

(b) The new substance formed will have its own chemical in words and the ratio of the atoms combined can be shown as a chemical .

(c) In general, the chemical change from to can be shown as a equation or as a symbol .

(d) sodium + chlorine ==>

(e) copper + ==> copper sulphide

(f) magnesium + ==> magnesium oxide

(g) iron + sulphur ==> iron

(h) magnesium + oxygen ==>

(i) Sulfuric acid as the formula H2SO4. This means each molecule contains atom(s) of hydrogen, atom(s) of sulphur and atom(s) of oxygen and there are a total of atoms in the molecule.

(j) The formula for an iron oxide is Fe2O3. This means oxygen atoms are combined with 2 atoms and a total of atoms in the formula.