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1 the positive particle in the nucleus of an atom
8 manganese has a mass of 55 and atomic number 25, how many electrons?
10 very reactive metals (5,1)
11 electrons of the 19th element (1,1,1,1)
12 number of neutrons in an atom of mass 9 and atomic number 5
13 horizontal row of elements using three shells (6,1)
14 atoms with the same number of protons but different mass and neutron numbers
17 the centre of an atom
19 maximum electrons in 2nd shell
22 charge on the electron
23 group containing the 4th element
25 number of electrons in the atom fluorine, a halogen element in group 7
26 the atomic number of fluorine
28 green gas with seven outer electrons
29 a glowing gas and a full shell job!
30 group of the element of atomic number 5
1 charge on the proton
2 the neutral particle in an atom
3 atomic number 11 and sizzles well on water (1,1,1)
4 argon, very unreactive due to its electron structure (1,1,1)
5 mass of atom with 12 electrons and 13 neutrons
6 The group containing the 20th element
7 the number of outer electrons in the element of atomic number 13
8 atom of mass 40 and atomic number 19, number of neutrons?
9 the number of outer electrons at the end of period 2 onwards?
11 atomic number 13 (1,1,1)
12 the 7th element is in this group
15 reactive metal with one outer electron
16 a physical descriptor of the group 1 reactive metals
18 a negative particle
20 this has 7 outer electrons and gives purple diatomic molecules on heating
21 charge on the neutron
24 the group number of the alkali metals
27 the number of neutrons in the hydrogen atom of mass 1