Image132.gifGCSE Crossword on RADIOACTIVITY - alpha, beta and gamma radiation

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3 the mass of the alpha particle
5 name of a radioactivity counter designer
8 symbol for the radioactive element proactinium
10 name of a nuclear fuel element
12 definitely with radioactive materials!
14 only stops alpha radiation
15 radioactive gas from minerals underground
18 1cm of it stops most beta radiation
20 mass 1/2000 and charge -1
22 X has a half-life of 5 days. So what g of X is left of 32g after 20 days?
23 the result of too high a radiation dose
26 in a radiation badge monitor?
27 not the part of the sea to dump nuclear waste!
28 the + charge on an alpha particle
32 this process splits atoms in a nuclear reactor releasing lots of energy
33 radio-isotope used in medicine
35 the number of neutrons in boron-11
36 protons + neutrons in nucleus
40 radiation all around us
41 a good gamma emitter with a mass of 60 used in cancer treatment
43 the first city in the world to be devastated by an atomic bomb
45 describes a beta particle in one word!
46 after 21 minutes only 1/8th was left, so what's the half-life in minutes?
1 half of a radio-isotope gone?
2 good stopper of ionising radiation!
3 protons in boron
4 any charged particle
5 penetrates where other radiations cannot reach!
6 surname of a famous atomic scientist
7 radioactivity results from this sort of change
8 symbol of a highly deadly radioactive element with 94 protons
9 big molecules, but they don't like radiation!
11 can't get through paper
13 these sort of atoms give out radiation
16 mass of 1 and an electric field has no effect on it
17 symbol for the element named in honour of Marie Curie
19 if you don't keep radioisotopes behind this, you will end up in a coffin of it!
20 symbolic of boron and the start of the 103rd element!
21 means 'given out' eg atomic radiation
23 these are easily damaged or killed by radiation
24 scene of terrible nuclear reactor accident in Russia
25 chemical symbol of a very 'radiant' radioactive element discovered by Marie Curie
29 tungsten oxide?
30 no mass and no charge but plenty of effect!
31 an alpha particle has of 1 proton and two neutrons. Right or wrong?
34 'ello' that geiger counter's detected radiation!
37 In 24 minutes the count rate of a radio-isotope fell from 6000 cpm to 375 cpm. So what's it's half-life in minutes then?
38 what atomic radiation can do to particles
39 this is how a biologist might describe what happens to radioactive atoms!
42 neutrons in an alpha particle
44 a lot of fusion goes on here!