Image46.gifCrossword Puzzle Quiz on "The Rates of Chemical Reactions"

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3 formed by a slow metal reaction with air and water
5 describes the fast reaction of hydrogen near a lit splint
7 the reaction between sodium and water!
8 this is increased in terms of particle collision by increasing concentration
11 increasing this usually makes the reaction go faster
14 particles must do this before they react
16 more chance of collision when more of this for a solid?
17 these help reactions go faster
19 reactions are like this at low concentration
20 amount of this increases with time in a reaction
22 a biological catalyst
25 the particles must have this energy to react
1 increasing this usually causes a greater chance of collision
2 the graph line at the start of a fast reaction looks like this
4 this is usually when the reaction is fastest
6 particles have this kind of energy
9 the letters of the chemical symbol for slowest reacting Halogen "Astatine" (at the bottom of Group 7 of the Periodic Table)
10 the letters of the symbol for a fast reacting metallic element named after the famous scientist Marie Curie
12 the reactant that is not all used up is in ....
13 increasing the temperature gives the particles more ...
15 form of limestone reacting slowly
18 form of limestone reacting fast
21 heading back to the heart after some fast respiration reactions in an exams!
23 an oxide of nitrogen formed by reactions in a hot car engine
24 the symbol letters for a metal that dissolves moderately fast in acid