GCSE word-fill quiz on "LIMESTONE AND ITS USES"

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   acidic      building      calcium      carbon      carbonate      cement      concrete      copper      decomposition      dioxide      glass      hydrochloric      lime      limewater      milky      neutralise      oxide      quicklime      rain      sand      slaked      soda      thermal      weathered   
rock01.gif1. The rocks made of limestone are chemically mainly .
2. It can be quarried and used as a material though it is badly by acid .
3. Powdered limestone can be used to acidity in lakes and soils.
4a. When limestone is strongly heated in a kiln it forms .
4b. Word equation for the reaction is ...
calcium carbonate ==> calcium + carbon
4c. This reaction is an example of where a compound is broken down by heat.
4d. Other carbonates behave in the same way, for example this green powder on heating changes to a black powder and a colourless gas, the word equation is ...
copper carbonate ==> oxide + carbon dioxide
5a. Quicklime reacts with water to form (calcium hydroxide).
5b. Like limestone, it can be used to treat soil that is too for healthy plant growth.
6. Limestone is heated with clay to make , and when this is mixed with water, sand and gravel it makes .
7. The material is made by heating limestone with and '' (whose chemical name is sodium carbonate).
8a. To test a mineral rock to see if is a carbonate, you add acid.
8b. If the rock 'fizzes', the gas is collected and bubbled into . to test to see what gas was evolved.
8c. If the limewater turns , it means the gas was dioxide which is always formed when a carbonate reacts with an acid.