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KS3 chemistry index * Crossword puzzle ANSWERS

6 It comes along in so many synthetic colours these days. (3)
7 An oxidising agent made of K, Cl and O used in matches and as a weedkiller (9,8)
10 A metal used to coat steel cans to prevent corrosion from food. (3)
11 A platinum and rhodium catalyst convert this gas into harmless CO2 in car exhausts. (6,8)
14 Famous English scientist who 'discovered' oxygen. (9)
15 as dry ice it is used for stage effects (6,7)
16 Famous French scientist who tried to sort out the elements into a table but was executed in the Revolution before the job was done! (9)
19 The law of (12)? of mass
21 Electronic devices can now (7)? the environment 24 hours a day.
22 Catalytic converters in cars change this gas into harmless nitrogen. (2)
23 This sort of company manufactures drogs and medicines. (14)
27 Mixing chemicals to give an exothermic reaction can be used as a hand (6)?
28 This is conserved in any chemical change. (4)
30 An ideal fuel, no pollution, on burning just water formed! (8)
32 The home country of chemical giants Du Pont (1st with nylon) and Monsanto (one of the leaders in GM products). (2)
34 Green dyed plastic well lit means (2)?
35 A modern material replacing many metals in various products and a common name for a polymer. (7)
36 Once mainly measured by mercury in a tube, now its as likely to be via an electronic device. (11)
38 Chemical symbol for gas that is useful as an inert atmosphere ans so used in tungsten filament bulbs and steel making to stop oxidation. (2, 2nd letter should be small)
40 Cars don't run too well without it! (4)
41 Our energy releasing process, by lots of amazing enzyme catalysed reactions. (11)
44 If burning reactions were not of this type of reaction, fuels wouldn't be much good as an energy resource! (10)
45 A sort of desire to make the best fuel! (7)
46 A long molecule made into many useful products. (7)
48 Can be spontaneous but usually achieved using a match or spark! (10)
51 Companies must regularly come up with a (3)? product to compete in the market place.
53 The result of any chemical reaction, it makes a new (7)?
55 Not very big from a single battery but can add together in series to increase it or use a more reactive metal? (7)
56 Letters abbreviation for an English based company whose technology separates the gases from air into useful products. (3)
57 Sythetic fibres made of plastic are much used now in this industry. (7)
58 This is released as heat or electricity when chemicals react. (6)
59 Forms a poisonous gas on burning that can be used as a fumigant and helps ripen some fruit and vegitables and it gives a low pH in water but no ph in this spelling! (6)
1 The metal used with carbon in the original 'ever ready' battery. (4)
2 When you examine the structure of materials in increasing detail, you eventually get to an (4)?
3 This type of crop, whatever its benefits, is causing great controversy. (2)
4 A short English? word for a product of fermentation! (3)
5 A powder of this metal gives bright white flashes to fireworks. (9)
7 This is the main chemical 'plant' process in nature! (14)
8 A famous Red Indian tribe of North America whose technology was based on deerskin, glass, bones, horn, wood, fat and fire. (5)
9 Shorthand for chemistry. (4)
10 Handy use of ceramics in the bathroom. (4)
12 A word describing some metals like gold which adds to their value. (4)
13 A balance of organic methods and agri-chemicals hopefully will allow this young man to ask for more food in the future! (6)
14 All modern companies and the teaching profession go in for a (4)? of action for the future but please preserve us from drowning in paper!
15 A crucial element in ancient and modern metal extraction. (6)
17 They may be nasty chemicals but they stop this in wood! (3)
18 Hopefully modern combustion systems will reduce this as much as possible for cleaner air and washing! (4)
20 A simple one of these is made by dipping connected zinc and copper strips into salt or acid solution but we are built of different type of (4)?
24 Making lime from limestone is this type of reaction, so you need to burn fuel as well for the energy input! (11)
25 What we are all made of and not the 'anti' version! (6)
26 Saves lives as well as taking them with (4)? abuse.
29 Typical last part of the name of compound we extract metals from. (5)
31 A 'fashionable' way of allowing for the expansion of railway lines in hot weather! (3)
33 Its made in a messy way by heating natural oils with sodium hydroxide, but the product keeps you clean! (4)
35 Symbol for the element praseodymium. (2, 2nd letter should be small)
37 Coat this with the sticky product left over from distilling crude oil. (4)
38 A medicine which is usually a good remedy for a headache, but is proving valuable for other medical conditions including heart attack prevention. (7)
39 When the lungs ain't so good, cylinders of this save lives both in the home as well as in in hospitals. (6)
42 Handy tool that goes with small boats, once made of wood, more likely to be plastic these days? (3)
43 A word describing something that could be useful. (8)
45 The Egyptians almost certainly did NOT make one of these by sticking connected strips of copper and zinc into a citrus fruit! (7)
47 The chemical warfarin will kill it! (3)
49 The yellow colour of this fruit can be readily purchased in synthetic form in any good paint shop! (5)
50 Iron, oxygen etc. are examples of the (5)? of elements.
52 The basic medium of cell-life. (5)
53 When made of copper, the cooking variety looks very splended when polished! (3)
54 Initials of a pesticide that is banned in most counries due to its buildup, and harmful effects, in food chains. (3)