The BIG crossword on "ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY" @ doc brown's chemistry

FOR PRINTING OUT ONLY, answers found via KS3 chemistry link above
1    2      3          4     5      6      
    7    8                     
                9     10        
11              12               
  14                  15         
  17        18             19      20    
  22      23      24                 
25                 26            
28                29         30      
      31         32              
          35    36      37         38    
  39      40               41        
             42     43           
                   45       46   
  47        48     49    50              
        51                52     
 53       54                     


5. Possible increase in this effect of lack of rain in Africa from burning fossil fuels. (7)
8. In the upper atmosphere, this absorbs and protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation (5,5)
11. A fossil fuel that often collects above oil! (7,3)
12. Use sunblocker or this radiation causes skin cancer (11 or 5,6)
14. Nasty polluting acidic gas formed from burning fossil fuels and with f not ph! (6,7)
15. Found on stonewalls and does not take kindly to air pollution! (6)
17. What we need to do with soil that's to acid for good crop growth! but not the z variety! (10)
19. What we need to know for all forms of pollution to do something about it. (6)
21. Symbol for the element gadolinium. (2, 2nd should be a small letter!)
22. The organic part of soil which is vital in holding nutrients. (5)
24. It is used to treat over acidic soil. (4)
26. This is happening to glaciers and arctic ice more with global warming. (4)
28. Wet and useful! (4)
30. This can happen to those pretty colours on fabrics with too much sunlight, though modern dyes are usually more resistant. (4)
31. Type of useful but irritating chemical with a pH of over 7. (6)
32. A building material which does not weather that well over the centuries and rarely has good fossils in it. (9)
34. One of the 'fallout' effects of burning fossil fuels! (4,4)
36. An important liquid fossil fuel. (3)
37. Most plants need this base to live on. (4)
40. The compounds formed by burning things in air or oxygen. (6)
41. Vital for life, requires purification treatment before domestic use. (5)
44. This changes carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide into less harmful gases in a car exhaust (9,9)
45. Useful structural materials but they so corrode without protection! (6)
47. French impressionist artist whose famous paintings of the Houses of Parliament show wonderful sunset colours due to air pollution!
51. Many old houses are made of this and show their age from the effects of the environment (8,5)
52. Formula of the main gas from burning fossil fuels. (3)
53. A metal that doesn't corrode too badly or too fast, at least for a few years, and keeps the water in old pipes and out of chimney-roof joints. (4)
54. Formula of the air pollutant nitrogen oxide. (2)


1. A really good hard wearing rock, unlike us, lasts forever? and so is good for tombstones! (7)
2. What would we do without this plant factory process doing this in daylight! (14)
3. A solid fossil fuel, if only it wasn't so sooty! (4)
4. The condition of most stone after a long time. (9)
6. Another phrase for 'global warming' (10,6)
7. A pleasant landscape in which I live, but bring back more hedges and less slurry pollution please! (5)
9. These compounds fizz with acids but handy for neutralising indigestion! (10)
10. formula highly toxic air pollutant gas from car exhaust
13. the energy resources causing lots of debate at the moment (6,5)
16. The symbol for a metal that corrodes even faster with acid rain! (2, 2nd should be a small letter!)
18. The ideal type of soil? (4)
20. The state of metal objects, especially when dug up by archaeologists! (8)
21. chlorine is very good at killing this type of organism in water treatment
23. Plants love it as much as we do! (3)
25. The name of the main gas formed on burning fossil fuels. (6,7)
27. Another phrase for the 'greenhouse effect' (6,7)
29. It wears a bit better than limestone, nice statue Michaelangelo! (6)
31. Sums up the effects of too much traffic and power station emissions (3,9)
33. A sedimentary rock that readily weathers. (9)
35. Nice to lie on in the sun, but a tanker spillage ruins it for quite a while! (5)
38. What you need to do to get to the oil, but take care just like a good dentist! (5)
39. Dark blotches appear on this trees leaves when its not happy with the air around it and the 1st part of its name sums it up! (8)
42. Symbol of metal used to coat steel to give it some protection from the effects of air and water and used in batteries. (2, 2nd should be a small letter!)
43. Its always greener somewhere else! (5)
46. Formula of the main gas that causes acid rain. (3)
48. Symbol for metal that corrodes very slowly and was used in plumbing! (2, 2nd should be a small letter!)
49. Essential component in soil and absorbs mineral ions, but too much of it makes life hard in digging the garden, you need to be as fit as Cassius was! (4)
50. These don't like low pH rain running into rivers! (4)
52. We all want to run one, whatever the costs involved! (3)