acidrain1.gifmulti-word fill quiz 9Gwf2 on "Environmental chemistry"
(a doc brown worksheet for QCA KS3 science-chemistry)

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   acid      carbon      carbonates      dioxide      dissolve      fossil      gorges      granite      harmful      metal      nitrogen      respiration      sandstone      sharp      speed      statues      sulphur      weathering      wind   
1. Many of the sculptures on old churches have lost their '' edges and the features much more rounded mainly due to chemical .

2. The speed of weathering depends on how the rain is, and how much rain and the stone structures are hit by.

3. 'Softer' stone like show much more erosion than harder stones like .

4. Rainwater is naturally acidic due to the dissolved gas which is formed in and burning fuels.

pollution2.gif5. Unfortunately many fuels contain sulphur compounds which burn with the fuel to form the more acidic gas and acidic oxides are also formed too.

6. These other gases increase the acidity of rain and so increase the of erosion of stone and structures and they are also to living organisms.

7. Rocks made of like limestone and marble, are eroded particularly fast because they readily react and in acids.

8. This produces very eroded and spectacular limestone caves and .