soil.jpgmulti-word fill quiz 9Gwf1 on "Environmental chemistry"
(a doc brown worksheet for QCA KS3 science-chemistry)

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   acidic      air      alkaline      circulate      drained      drains      erosion      fine      humus      larger      lime      mixture      nutrients      organisms      peat      plant      quality      range      right      roots      variety      well      worms   
1. soil is a of many substances and there is a wide of different soils.

2. Sandy soil is made of rock particles and easily.

3. Clay soil is made of rock particles and has little in it, so very few live in it.

4. Creatures such as are very important because they help mix up the soil and air.

5. Soil is held together by which help prevent .

6. Loam is a good soil because it has the mineral balance and is well .

7. Dead organic matter is called and helps keep in the soil.

8. Plants will only grow if the soil pH is in the right eg pH 4.5 to pH 7.5 is suitable for most healthy plant or crop growth.

9a. If the pH of the soil is too low it is too and must be made more by adding .
9b. If the pH of the soil is too high it is too and needs to be made more by mixing in .