bubbling1.gifMwaterAnim.gifmulti-word fill quiz 9Fwf6 on "Patterns of reactivity"

   carbon      easiest      electricity      furnace      gold      higher      iron      jewellery      lead      less      lower      melting      more      oil      reactive      smelting      sodium      soft      technology      unreactive      uses   
blastfurnace.jpg1a. The the metal in the reactivity series, the difficult it is to extract from its compounds.
1b. Metals in the reactivity series are difficult to extract.

2a. Many of the less reactive metals can be extracted by heating an oxide ore with (charcoal, graphite), in a a process called .
2b. The metal can be obtained in this way in a blast (picture above).

electrolysis.gif3. Other more reactive metals are obtained by one of its compounds to free the particles and then passing through the melt. This process is called electrolysis and it is how we make or aluminium.

4a. The metals which are to extract have been used for thousands of years, but metals like aluminium were not extracted until recently when more advanced was invented.

5a. The reactivity of a metal explains some of its .
5b. the precious metal is so it has been used for for thousands of years and shining .
5c. Metals such as or copper can used in roofing because they are relatively .
5d. Sodium is so with oxygen or water, it is kept under and cannot be used for any outdoor purpose and not much else, since it is so !