bubbling1.gifMwaterAnim.gifmulti-word fill quiz 9Fwf4 on "Patterns of reactivity"

   2      3      black      copper      heated      higher      less      lower      magnesium      Mg      more      oxide      oxygen      sodium      white      zinc   
1. Metals, especially when , react with the oxygen in air to form a metal .

balance3.gif2. Complete the following ...
(a) + oxygen ==> sodium oxide
(b) copper + ==> copper oxide
(c) zinc + oxygen ==> oxide

magnesium1.gif3a. When copper is heated in air, a layer of slowly forms.
3b. When magnesium is heated in air it burns with a bright flame to form a powder of .
3c. These observations tell you that magnesium is reactive, so in the reactivity series than copper.
gold2.gif3d. If gold is heated in air, there is hardly any reaction, and this tells you that gold is reactive, and so in the reactivity series than copper.

balance2.gif4. These reactions can be represented by symbol equations. Complete ...
(a) 2 + O2 ==> MgO
(b) Fe + O2 ==> Fe3O4