bubbling1.gifMwaterAnim.gifmulti-word fill quiz 9Fwf1 on "Patterns of reactivity"
(a doc brown worksheet for QCA KS3 science-chemistry)

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   aluminium      brown      copper      corrode      dull      gold      green      iron      metals      oxide      oxygen      rapidly      reactive      rust      shiny      slowly      sodium      soft      water   
rusting1.gif1. Many metals are affected by the in air and in contact with , which both cause them to '' like iron.

2. The 'light' metal is useful for many structural uses because it doesn't easily.

gold1.gif3a. However, there is quite a range in reactivity and so metals like do not 'rust' but (or steel) readily does.
3b. This corrosion in iron is due to the formation of an orange or iron .

4a. The potassium, and lithium are unusually and easily cut into lumps.
4b. When freshly cut the surface is typical of metals eg , but rapidly becomes as they corrode in air.

copper3.gif5. The metal is used for roofing and tarnishes to form a dull looking compound.

6. Generally speaking the more a metal, the more it corrodes.