gradu8doc.gifThe BIG KS3 Science-Chemistry crossword on "Reactions of metals and metal compounds"

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 (QCA 9E)
KS3 chemistry index * Crossword puzzle ANSWERS

1 Gas formed when carbonates dissolve in acids. (6,7)
3 Moderately reactive metal used to galvanise steel. (4)
5 The chemical name for the very common in food 'salt'. (6,8)
9 These are shorthand for the elements. (7)
12 Sodium is! fortunately steel isn't! (4)
13 1st name of the acid that makes chloride salts. (12)
15 This gas is given off when a metal reacts with water or acids. (8)
17 Metals are good conductors of (11)?
18 It neutralises an alkali. (4)
19 When using universal indicator, this is the colour to aim for in neutralisation! (5)
21 NaOH + HCl is a salt (11)?
22 NaCl, MgO etc. but not Fe, Al, H etc.! (8)
24 1st name of the acid used in car batteries, but ph not f! (9)
28 It sums up a chemical change in symbols! (8)
29 A reactive metal that burns very brightly to form an white oxide. (9)
31 Put them in a crown of gold! (6)
32 The end of name of a salt made from hydrochloric acid. (8)
35 This usually describes the pH of salt solutions. (7 by coinicidece!)
38 This means the material bends easily into shape like a metal. (9)
41 It neutralises and acid. (6)
42 It is always solid at room temperature except mercury. (5)
44 A simple sort of compound that forms salts with acids. (5)
45 The end of salt name from sulfuric acid, but f not ph! (7)
46 A very reactive metal with water, but the orange street lamps are OK in the rain! (6)
48 The end of salt name from nitric acid. (7)
49 Lots of this helps to cope with chemistry! (4 = nitrogen monoxide + an abbreviation for a very large english speaking country)
2 The name of the chemical process when an acid reacts with an alkali and s not z! (14)
4 A useful metal, moderately reactive with acids. (4)
6 Water backwards? (3)
7 WORD makes one and he writes a chemistry clinic! (3)
8 A kind of equation with no symbols in it! (4)
9 Alloys for aircraft wings need to be light and (6)?
10 You dig out metal ores from it. (4)
11 A typical property of metal surfaces when freshly cut or polished. (5)
14 Copper pans are a good conductor of (4)?
15 2nd part of the name of a kind of alkali, the sodium version is soluble. (9)
16 The acid that makes nitrate salts. (6)
20 This type of element doesn't usually react with acids. (8 or 3,5)
23 The problem with iron and steel, they (4)?
25 A strong metal alloys based on iron. (5)
26 It sums up the atoms in a compound. (7)
27 They always fizz with acids! (10)
30 The colour of the solution when copper oxide dissolves in sulphuric acid. (4)
32 I'm afraid this happens to useful metals like iron and steel unless you protect them. (8)
33 The colour of universal indicator in sodium hydroxide. (6 but not violet)
34 A yellow shiny metal. (4)
35 The type of compound formed when a metal combines with the element nitrogen and its NOT nitrate! (7)
36 Universal indicator colour in acids. (3)
37 Common name for a metal oxide good for acidic soil! (4)
39 You see these when cleaning an iron tray with acid. (7)
40 Only one type of atom in this material. (7)
43 acid + alkali ==> (4)? + water
47 The symbol for a metallic element added to iron in making strong steels. (2, though 2nd sholud be small)