Multi-word fill quiz Q4 "Reactions of metals and their compounds" © Doc Brown's KS3 chemistry

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   acid      added      bigger      chloride      clear      copper      crystals      dissolving      evaporate      filtered      gas      magnesium      mixture      nitric      oxide      oxides      salts      slowly      sulfate      sulfuric      water      zinc   
1a. Acids react with metal to form a salt and . There is no bubbling observed because no is formed. This reaction can be used to prepare .
1b. The black solid oxide is added to dilute sulfuric acid in order to prepare copper .
2. The is heated to speed up the process. More black powder is until no more dissolves.
3. The excess copper is off to leave a blue solution of the salt.
4. The filtered liquid is heated to the water and leave the salt . If the solution is left for a long time it crystallises to form crystals.
5. Complete the word equations:
(a) magnesium oxide + acid ==> nitrate + water
(b) iron oxide + hydrochloric acid ==> iron +
(c) oxide + ==> zinc sulfate + water