questionmark.gifmulti-word fill quiz 9Ewf3 on "Reactions of metals and metal compounds"

   blue      calcium      carbon      carbonate      chloride      cloudy      copper      dioxide      equations      green      limewater      magnesium      nitrate      salt      sulphate      sulphuric      water      word      zinc   
bubbling2.gif1. Metal carbonates react with acids to form a , water and the gas .

2. The gas given off in the reaction can be tested for with which is turned .

3. When the powder carbonate is dissolved in sulphuric acid a solution of the salt copper is formed.

balance1.gif4. Complete (a sort of balance!) the :

(a) carbonate + hydrochloric acid ==> calcium + + carbon dioxide

(b) carbonate + nitric acid ==> zinc + water +

(c) magnesium + acid ==> sulphate + water + carbon dioxide